The late Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor was known to have the best collection of diamond rings in the world. After all, she was married a record eight times (twice to the same man) and for almost every engagement she received a diamond ring, each one bigger than the earlier.

But what is important is the fact that the diamonds gifted to Ms. Taylor were much older than her (millions to be precise) and will stay intact for centuries to come (a million at least). It is this property of a simple rock that makes it precious.

Also, it is this same capability to outlive almost every event on this planet earth that gives it its name – diamond. Like a lot of words in English that find that origin in Greek or Latin, diamond too has been derived from the Greek word ‘adamas’, which literally means something that cannot be destroyed, conquered, altered, broken or tamed. The ancients knew this long before modern science could prove them right.

True to its name, a diamond is one such element found in nature that has no equals. Known to be the hardest material found in nature, diamonds have been used for centuries to adorn the gods, as jewellery and in other industrial applications due to its distinct properties. The Krishna-Godavari belt in South India is historically considered rich with diamond deposits and even today is a thriving center for diamond mining. It was the early 18th century when diamond was first discovered outside India.

Made of 99.95% carbon and rest with other mineral impurities, a diamond gets its unique color, or the lack of it, due to these impurities. Formed deep inside the earth at great depths where the temperature and pressure are extremely high, a diamond becomes the toughest known material on the face of this planet. During geological activities like volcanic eruptions, such diamonds are thrown out.


Round Diamonds placed randomly

It is this unique natural process of formation that makes diamond the most precious stone, a property that has been cherished by humanity for centuries. Earlier seen worthy only to be adorned by the Gods, slowly diamond started to be worn by nobility (film stars included) and thereafter even by ordinary citizens.

Born out of a natural process deep inside the earth, no two pieces of diamond are alike. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) made the first attempt towards the mid 20th century to create standards to measure the quality of diamonds. This led to the creation of the now famous “4Cs” – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat.

So the next time you want to buy any diamond, just approach a trusted diamantiere like Riyom Jewels and ensure that you know where does the diamond stand on the 4C parameters.

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