Diamonds were born from the womb of Mother Earth. The womb not only caressed them but, also exposed them to intense pressure and immense heat. This process is as old as the resounding effect of ‘Om’ – the sound of universe, since its inception.

No wonder, when you hold a piece of diamond and appreciate its sparkle intensely, you can actually hear the chant of ‘Om’ reverberating!

This reverberation is called Riyom – the repetition of Om!

Riyom Jewels is passion and imagination amalgamated to add significance to your lifestyle. Our purpose is to not only offer you the best customised diamond jewellery, but to also introduce you to the sparkling world of diamonds.

We hope to be a part of your journey of creating that special feeling.

We, at Riyom Jewels, are here to design some of the best things, which you shall adorn and let the world adore…

Riyom Jewels is a diamantaire of choice for many due to our honest, true and forthcoming nature. We don’t value our relationship on the amount you transact with us, but place it on the sheer fact that you chose to trust us in the first place.

Trust us when it comes to owing the most genuine diamonds or while creating your unique designer jewellery for that special occasion. We at Riyom Jewells will never let you down…

Mission Musing

“To be the first name in your mind when you think of fine jewellery.”

Vision Talk

“Whenever you choose to be your extraordinary best, we shall deliver you the best.”

Core Values

Diamond is a rare and flawless creation of Mother Nature. But to achieve its real zenith, the rough stone needs a skilled diamantaire who can convert it into a sparkling diamond. We at Riyom Jewels believe that as a partner, we possess all the necessary skills that make us a trustworthy diamantaire.


We are always honest with our clients on the grade of jewellery or the diamond quality we sell.

Right advice

We value relations more than the business transactions. Irrespective of whether you ultimately transact with us or not, we will always give you the right advice.


Our clients can always rely on us to source the best possible quality of jewellery or receive the diamonds of the same grade as agreed.


We will not commit on things we cannot deliver. But if we commit, we will stay true, come what may.

Customer First

You will always experience the same warmth from us, no matter your transaction value.